Night time

I am not a night time photographer in any way, I rarely have the energy to carry a tripod around and a tripod is pretty much a necessity to get anything usable in dim conditions. Unless you happen to be lucky and own a Canon Eos 1D X or a Nikon D4 / Df which can see in the dark pretty much..

However one can improvise, use other methods to stabilise the camera. These following photos are by no means excellent, but I just wanted to show a glimpse of what my home city looks in the dark. Definitely need to improve upon this and start to carry a tripod maybe..




Ice-breaker (the sort of ship designed for one purpose alone, to plow through sheer ice and keep the sea open for passage in the coldest of climates).


Katajanokka and a bit of the centre of the city in the right side of the photo.

All photos taken with around a 30sec exposure at iso 320, steadied on a railing or a rock..