Lux Helsinki 2014

A yearly tradition, a spectacle of light for the darkest part of the year was the past week in Helsinki. The light show aptly called LUX Helsinki featured different artists from home and abroad. There was snow and ice last year at the same time. This year rain, but quite warm, so it was a different experience altogether..


One of the main features was at the cathedral. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada & D-Facto: Corazón. A heart beating to music and different lights, beautiful work by a Spanish artist. My photo does no justice to this as I took it hand held and it of course shows only a small fraction of a second.

Here are a few more photos for your enjoyment, all taken around the areas of Töölönlahti.

The best comment for this: “Look, its an alien egg!” 😀

Lovely colors in this one.

Ring[z) by Philippe Morvan. This was a beutiful, long show with music.




I loved this piece.


A bit of sparkly shoes, eh ladies?