Olde Oaks

Oak in snowfall by Jere Ketola on 500px.com

Old and gnarly, standing tall after over 300 years on this earth. The snow falling softly with the sun rising over the trees.

Landscape photography usually requires good scouting and good timing due to the nature of finding good light. Sometimes luck favors as well and the conditions are beautiful. Like on this instance, where for the photographer the weather was rather miserable, but I believe the end result is rather beautiful.

Amids the pandemic it was refreshing to be outdoors in a peaceful quiet spot and enjoying the beauty of Finnish nature.

Gold ‘n Green

As is evident from these photos, the autumn is drawing towards its magnificent end. All the leaves will soon fall and then the winter will start, at least temperature wise. Until it snows it can be very bleak and dark so far up in the north.


Lovely colors, don’t you think?


Now the forecast says there is a possibility of snow this week so this beautiful period is almost over. Sad!