Lux Helsinki 2014

A yearly tradition, a spectacle of light for the darkest part of the year was the past week in Helsinki. The light show aptly called LUX Helsinki featured different artists from home and abroad. There was snow and ice last year at the same time. This year rain, but quite warm, so it was a different experience altogether..


One of the main features was at the cathedral. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada & D-Facto: Corazón. A heart beating to music and different lights, beautiful work by a Spanish artist. My photo does no justice to this as I took it hand held and it of course shows only a small fraction of a second.

Here are a few more photos for your enjoyment, all taken around the areas of Töölönlahti.

The best comment for this: “Look, its an alien egg!” 😀

Lovely colors in this one.

Ring[z) by Philippe Morvan. This was a beutiful, long show with music.




I loved this piece.


A bit of sparkly shoes, eh ladies?

Gold ‘n Green

As is evident from these photos, the autumn is drawing towards its magnificent end. All the leaves will soon fall and then the winter will start, at least temperature wise. Until it snows it can be very bleak and dark so far up in the north.


Lovely colors, don’t you think?


Now the forecast says there is a possibility of snow this week so this beautiful period is almost over. Sad!

Traveling induced Hiatus in posting…

IT is holiday season in Finland. Therefore I have been away, visiting some lovely places. I will probably writr a couple of different posts on this when I have had the time to transfer my photos to the computer which I left home so as to really enjoy holiday.

As usual to fully enjoy vacation it is essential to get out of the normal routines and into different mindscape and hopefully into a different location as well.

As luck would have it I live in the capital of our fair country with excellent connections to the world. No need to drive for hours on end to get to the airport. This also means that almost all European capitals are just a quick hop away. With the advent of Norwegian and Ryanair et al its also relatively cheap to fly nowadays. I still tend to favor Lufthansa and Finnair when possible but usually the destination plays a part in the chosen form of transportation as well.


Want to take a guess where all of the photos in this post were taken?

More tk..

Monkey Business

Quick blast from the past.

Sad  by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where one can find monkeys in the wild. The saying goes, as long as there are monkeys in Gibraltar, so long will the British rule. 😉

Any closer and you are going down by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

This adult, probably a male, was quite aggressive and seemed to mean the business, he had the look: Don´t you dare come closer. The youngling was far more accommadating. Both pictures were taken with a 20mm so I was really close in reality. Not a proper portrait focal length by any means, but you make do with what you have in the moment with you.

Snakes and Gulls or the nature awakening

With the weather warming up all sorts of critters are moving and seen now.

your friendly neighbor

Finland has only three snake species of which this fellow is the only variety that is poisonous. The Viper is rather shy though and will move away from people given the chance. However sometimes they bite people, usually when they feel they are cornered. Or if you step on them as my mum nearly did with this one. But, she was wearing boots and no harm done. The venom is not really deadly, but given the right circumstances can be so a visit to the hospital would have been needed.

searching for a mate

This bird was on the lookout for a mate,and as these things go, he was showcasing how brilliantly beautiful he is and how excellent in flying he is. Not so different from us humans eh?


Some species of gulls live through the year in the coastal areas, others like these migrate for the summer. Also showcasing his flying skills and seemingly enjoying a lovely wind giving lift.


Landing by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

Taking photos of birds in flight can be very difficult to photograph. Big birds landing can be much easier, but then comes the difficulty of being close enough to get the shot. These big guys gave ample possibilities, but the night was closing in and the light fading. Not a perfect shot by any means but a beautiful bird in a beautiful place.