A moment in time

The free-time I have currently has been diminishing all the time, and moments like this are rare and few between. That makes it even more welcome. The calm water, almost midnight and not a soul around. Just nature, wide open space and a lake. And me.

Photograph Lonely pier by Jere Ketola on 500px

The blog has been as silent as I have been busy. I am sorry for that, and I do mean to keep on writing and posting photos, but at the moment it is a bit difficult to say the least.



A new week, new things to do. Hope you all have a nice an enjoyable week. Need to post more food stuff, has been more home cooking and sports and less restaurants for now, but I need to eat and post about new cafes and restaurants as well.

Still dreaming of the Fuji X -series and would love to test the new Olympus Ep-5 and even more the EM-1. A new camera is definately needed, especially one that could be carried around more and also one that need be less pro and less intimidating than the Canon and Nikon dslr types. Not that I don’t still love them but for my current shots a small system would be best.