Waiting for the rain to stop

Waiting for the rain to stop by Jere Ketola on 500px.com

After a whole day of rain, it is refreshing to walk in the nearest forest and just enjoy the nature slowly waking up after a long winter season. Finally it is spring.

Photo taken with a 50+ year old macro lens from Pentax ,attached to my favorite walkabout camera ,the Fujifilm Xpro1.




Cactus vs Flower

The contrast between this bleak watery weekend has been a great reminder that here in Finland one must enjoy outdoors as much as possible when the weather is nice. Constant rain is A big downer, at least for myself. Hopefully next week we will get a little sunshine as well.

Thorny by Jere Ketola (JKetola) on 500px.com

Here is in pics a contrast between a cactus and a flower. Both in their way extremely beautiful, exquisite, yet on the other hand the other is borne of a hostile environment and has to protect itself much more visibly to survive.

flowers vs texture by Jere Ketola (JKetola) on 500px.com