Water, giver of life

Water is essential to us humans, and indeed to life itself on this blue orb that we call earth.

Water, giver of life by Jere Ketola on 500px.com

As spring has come, water is in its moving normal form once more after being all iced up. As a nature lover spring is a wonderful time to be outdoors, as leaves are springing out of trees, birds are singing everywhere and nature itself seems to be reborn after the harsh cold winter time.




There is a certain satisfaction in seeing how the change of seasons is shown in the nature. The leaves sprout out, beautiful flowers blossom, new life grows. Birds sing and the wind whispers warmly against the skin. Even the occasional bout of rain does not make one less happy for the rain is welcome, a giver of life as sure as the sun!


Flowing water also has a profound symbolism: life always advancing, always moving forwards.