Last days of Winter

Winter had left Helsinki already a few weeks ago and then suddenly boom and we were in for a new cold spell with almost 20cm of snow in a night of heavy snowfall. As this winter was not partially photogenic with the lack of snow in January and February as well as the beginning of March. Usually the best time to get great winter shots is towards the spring when the sun spends more and more time up in the sky.


Waking up to sunshine and a view like this inspired me to go outside for a few hours and enjoy the weather. Very relaxing. Shutter therapy is what Robin Wong calls it and that pretty much sums it up for me as well. Time to enjoy the beautiful nature and clear air alone or with someone in the same frame of mind.


Functional architecture ie. a bit boxy buildings. Quite common in Finland.


I for some reason liked the snow hanging on top of a metal net.


Birch forests are quite common in Southern Finland.


Boats awaiting for the ice to melt.


A spot of clear air as before it was slightly snowing and the visibility was less than optimal.
This is a swimming beach in the summer, not too long now..


Walking along the beach, the sun was shining and then it started to snow.. Not exactly Baywatch weather, eh?


A bird watcher with whom I had a nice little chat after taking this photo. You can see the snowfall was quite heavy at this point.


With the temperature hovering over zero the the snow was actually already melting as it met the ground. Still a great walk.
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Frozen world

As the weather has stayed pretty constantly below zero the land is all frozen up and the sea around Helsinki is nicely frozen as well.


The only open spots of water like this are full of birds and life.


The sun does not visit the sky for long and reaches its low zenith (this pic taken around noon) only to sink back down. It stays quite bright for a bit longer as the sea and the snow now reflect the light.


Old villas serve as either living quarters for the wealthy or as museums or restaurants.


This Café was closed for the day and I continued towards the sea. A small cup of tea or hot chocolate would have been nice to warm me up but alas it was not meant to be.


Summer cottage beside a national museum area.


To the south Lauttasaari and the frozen sea in between and beyond it. Skiers, walkers, dogs, all were merrily moving around and enjoying the outdoors life.


The large hospital is renovated and stands as a huge boxy landmark in Meilahti.


A chance encounter with a rather nice little dog and its owners left me with a couple of fun dog pictures. The coat is necessary with the temperature hovering near -25 centigrade.


Olympic rowing was done pretty much under my feet in the summer games of 1952.


This boat however won’t be going anywhere for a while, being frozen into the sea.


One of the nicest small cafes you can visit in Helsinki is located nearby. Exceptionally good buns and a lovely atmosphere await the visitor.


Cafe Regatta is very small inside but refreshments can be enjoyed outside as well. There is also a possibility to grill sausages Finnish style in the fire outside.


Traditional sleigh for kids and adults alike.

The coldest day of winter


Today the temperatures dropped to under -20 celsius practically everywhere in Finland. As is the nature of colder days the skies were clear and so the sun shone in its very low zenith for a couple hours.

Excellent weather to be outside properly dressed. The sea is also frozen up so there was a lot of traffic on the ice as well.


More pictures coming, need to go amd sleep now..

Christmas time


Winter does make many places more photogenic than they normally would be. Especially those views that are maybe “too” familiar. Yet with snow and a bit of light they are transformed into something spectacular.


Christmas in part is nice this year as I get to spend time with family and enjoy the brighter time of the day outside. Noneed to sit on the computer all day long.