Friday afternoon


Friday afternoon bustle on the Aleksanterinkatu. Lots of folk moving to or from our capitals foremost department store called Stockmann. They have a special discount days from wednesday until sunday and it is always a huge hit, especially with the womenfolk. I tend to opt for the sweets and the food departments with a pop into the bookstore as well. Rarely anything else to buy for me at decent prices. IT would be lovely to buy a great discount suit for only 599 Euros, but thats still alotta cash for something bought on a whim.

Classic Pizza

Ah, Pizza! That Classic of weekend foods.


In Itis, therehas been a pizzeria called Classic Pizza for ages. The restaurant was able to get a place in the basement of the department store of Stockmann, close to the food store of Herkku. The location is good for a quick stop for proper pizza in between shopping. Rather suprisingly the din of the store does not become bothersome.


The service was pleasant albeit a bit slow due to the fact that the place was full to the last seat.

The menu consists of all the usual pizzas with a couple of specialties. The pizzas are made properly where you can see them made and not somewhere in the back. There is a selection of wines and beers as well as coffee and desserts.

Pricewise the pizzas start from 9€ and top 15€ so definately not the cheapest place.

From the menu I chose a house specialty called Tuffo with Rocket salad, mozzarella, porcino, champignon and red olives. The pizza ingredients were chosen by Finnish TV-chef Jyrki Sukula.


The pizza was large enough but not too big. After the first bite I was very happy with choosing this pizza as the taste was great. This pizza is totally vegetarian so good for those so inclined. And tasteful even for a meat lover..