Ice-hockey, Finnish style

Ice hockey is by far the most popular sport in Finland. Our players and teams can be practically national heroes and the love of the sport is learned at a very young age. On the eve of the Winter Olympic games it is great to see the sport thriving as usual and I hope that we may compete for a medal in the Games at Sotshi. It will be great and thrilling to watch the teams compete in this great sport. Of course the Olympics have other interesting sports to follow, but for me, this is the one that gets the most attention.

So of course there needs to be venues to play the sport, grand ice rinks, smaller ice rinks etc. Then there is of course the old school thing of doing a ice rink where ever its possible. That is, where there is players and a flat piece of ice.

Icehockey on the sea

This is on the Kruununhaka side of town, as you may see from the ships, it is on sea ice. And depending on the weather and the time of the day there can be a full blown game of ice hockey going on or as here a couple of kids just having fun.

Ice Hockey on the ice pt2

A different part of the city and a different time of the day. A father and son playing and skating together on the sea again. This taken in the southern tip of the city. Great fun don’t you think?

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