Fare thee well, Tallinn!

This is the third and final post on Tallinn.

As you can see from the earlier photos, there is a lot to see and do in the thriving capital of Estonia. Summer or Christmas time are maybe the best times to visit but whenever you go, there is always plenty to do.

City square

The town square in the old city. There are many churches in the city, some very beautiful to look at.


Beautiful small details on a street store. Lovely color as well.


The rain, a constant companion on this trip.


Old well on the street. I can almost smell the history of a place looking at such details.

Window flaps


No trip would not be complete without enjoying some of the finer things in life.


Excellent cake, a great treat for a pause from roaming the streets.


Range Rover

Again with the contrast of old buildings in bad condition and a brand new Range Rover. Lovely car, would be great in Finnish winter or in the Sahara..

Punk is not Dead

Punk is not dead!

City walls

Citywalls still stand.

I highly recommend anyone visiting Europe to visit Tallinn. Also a fun thing to do would be to visit Helsinki and Tallinn both. For the budget minded Tallinn is the better bet though..

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Streets of Tallinn

Continuing on the first post on Tallinn.  Sorry for the very slow updating, work has been totally immersive and the last thing on my mind after a workday has been to sit on the computer and type.

This post is mainly photos of Tallinn, street shooting so to speak. As cities go, Tallinn is, very friendly place to photograph and there are excellent backdrops for a nice background. Ultimately these photos may not be the best I have taken, but I like the mood an feel they can convey a little bit of the spirit of the city.

As is evident from these photos the weather was damp to say it nicely. But this of course can have its positive sides as well with reflections etc. Just a matter of spotting the positives I guess.

Small side streets for pedestrians in the old city.

in the rain

The old city is mainly cobblestone so good shoes are a must.


Great hat!

Hand in hand

To hold the hand of ones lover makes even the worst weather a bliss.


A bank, and in front a Mercedes S65 AMG.. Somehow goes to show how the bankers get rich while the rest of us well.. Don’t..



Students mingling on the streets in the afternoon.


Reflections. This scene immediately caught my eye. Lovely reflection and just a bit of waiting to get the people aligned in the right place.

All photos taken with old but trusty digital dinosaurs by Nikon.

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Istanbul, a photogenic dream

Istanbul, Constantinople, Byzantium. The city stradled between and upon Europe and Asia has had a long and important history. First as a predominantly Greek city, later as the second most important city in the Roman empire.. And after being the seat of the last emperors she was conquered by the vast and powerful empire of the Ottoman.

The old city was big in its time, as all big capitals usually are and as a natural meeting place and crossing place between the European and Asian trade the city has always been a centre for business as well.

As a city to visit there are almost too many sights to see on one visit, you really need to have a lot of time and maybe visit a few times.

bag by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on 500px.com

The newer part of the city has skyscrapers and big malls and high rise housing. The older parts of the city are lower with small streets and backroads. And of course historical sites, bazars and mosques aplenty.

Waterpipes by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on 500px.com

There are apparently somewhere between 14 and 18 million people currently residing in the city so its fair to say there is a healthy bustle pretty much all day and night. Considering the amount of people and cars the traffic is not really bad and walking is easy as well with people being very fluid and considerate towards other pedestrians.

Unpacking by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on 500px.com

Turks are a entrepreneuing and business minded people and all tourists get a taste of that when walking the streets or visiting the bazars. Prices are of course negotiated very vigorously in the bazars.

Labor of life by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on 500px.com

As a photographer its nice to note that the people are very open to being photographed and those who do not wish to be in some foreigners travel album show it quite clearly.

Some cities really come alive in the evenings and this is really one of them.

I shall post a few more posts about Istanbul in the coming days..