Strindbergs Backfickan


Strindberg cafe has been a permanent landmark in the heart of Helsinki for years. After renovation of the building it resides in it moved to a slightly different location. The cafe now is in two stories and inside the shopping centre of Galleria Esplanad there is the lunch restaurant side called Strindsberg Backfickan.


The menu is as usual three different portions to choose from and quite typicall priced for Helsinki. A nice bustle was to be found with almost all the tables in use upon my visit.

Regular buffet table with salad, bread and the main food and drinks excluding water costing extra.


From the days options I chose Swedish hash (in Finnish Pyttipannu) is a great simple traditional Scandinavian dish which of course is not the lightest calory wise due to the amount of oil/potatoes/meat and eggs. Also one of those foods that can be found in proper restaurants as well as in a tent beside a rock festival. So a food that can span boundaries of poor and rich folk. Pretty good food and the company ate salmon which was good as well. A fun option if around the center of the city during lunch hours.

The website of the restaurant can be found here