Last Light

Last Light by Jere Ketola on

Spring is creeping along, slowly but summer and hopefully swimming is soon on the agenda again.

Due to the pandemic, my swimming hobby has been on hold for almost two months now. A shame as its my favorite sport to do. Swimming in lakes and the sea is not really an option yet, too cold to do much more than a few meter of swimming. Not really possible to swim for a kilometer or few as would be the preference.

Hope you are doing well, wherever you are! Lets hope this struggle with the flu will be over sooner than later.

Brush strokes from heaven

The brush strokes from heavens by Jere Ketola on

Summer has gone, autumn seems to change into winter terrificly fast. Life seems to travel at an ever faster pace. I guess I am living the time of life when there is just too much to do and so little time.

Work seems to be more and more hectic as well. Life going forward, but sometimes one would just like to stop and enjoy it too.


Beauty of Nature

I am by no means a landscape photographer, but I do love to try to capture some of those nice moments I come upon. Usually I dont have my tripod along with me so this means I need to work hand-held which in turn makes great landscape shots a pain to get right.

Photograph Sunset by Jere Ketola on 500px

The plant in this photo is a real nuisance (Sosnowskys hogweed), it has no place in Finland, but has gradually moved as the weather changes from Russia. However even though the species is not nice, it formed a great compositional dimension to have some depth to the sun setting.

Photograph Vuosaari by Jere Ketola on 500px
The sun had already set when I came upon this view with my bicycle. Nature is so beautiful, is she not?



The Sun is setting on 2013, and soon it will be a new year. Hopefully we will get a proper snow winter here as well for now all is so very bleak and dark. As you can see from the photo, there is no snow or ice in Helsinki at the moment. Last year, one could have walked to the island in the distance on ice.

Now we have green grass, open sea, and constant rain.. As in the not frozen kind rain. I enjoy the fact that it is not cold, but I hate the bleak dark periods. I would much rather get the light mirrored from snow. Much more photogenic as well, which to me is always important.