More autumn colors


The colors of the forest are still blooming with more and more leaves falling down.


Harvest is also over and the fields more or less ready for the winter and await a new spring.


A rainbow seen from afar. Not the typical beautiful full half-circle though.


More beautiful forest colors. All photos in this set taken in south-west Finland. A beautiful region of Finland.

More tk

Lapland pt.2

Continuing from yesterdays post.

the ground is full of small beautiful suprises.

Landscape is almost lunaresque in some places. Flash forward to present day and this scene is under snow.

Visibility was great as the weather was splendid.

Some of the paths down the fell were quite spectacular. The hike was not too tough but I can imagine it being very difficult with a little rain to make the rocks slippery.

The streams that run down the fells are nice and the water is fresh and very cold.

The stream forms numerous ponds along the way downwards.

Pretty colors.

No idea what sort of berries these are..

Reindeer can be seen grazing. They are not too shy, although if you get too close they will move away.

No greater treat than a hot sauna and dip into the ice cold water of the Arctic.

The worlds end..

Bohemian waxwing

Winter has arrrived here in Helsinki. The first snow has drifted gently down and as the temperature has not risen back to the positive side of the scale some of the snow has actually stayed around.

Bohemian waxwings are a lovely species of birds which can now be seen around in small or big hosts of birds. They eat the berries still in trees.