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Sorry to have been awfully quiet lately. Too much to do at work, and lousy Finnish autumn weather has been making it a bit difficult to enjoy the outdoors lately. Wish I was back in south Europe once more. Or maybe the snow will come and make everything beautiful here in Helsinki as well.

Drought by Jere Ketola on 500px.com

These views could not differiate much more from what we have here. Dry, hard light, warmth. A totally different atmosphere to the weather here currently.


Treelines by Jere Ketola on 500px.com

I have been gravitating more and more towards monochrome in the photos I take, be it due to the bleakness of the nature or some other reason, I do not know.


Spring draws closer

The winter seems to have lost its strength already, even though it is but the beginning of March. Today the temperatures in Helsinki hovered near +10 Celsius, which is rather high for the time of the year. There is of course a high potential for a bit of winter making a come-back even as late as May however now the snow has melted and ice is going away at a quickening pace as well.


Helsinki is for such a large city nice nature wise. We have even nature reserves inside the city.. As well as a UNESCO fortress amongst other things.

nature reserve

The wooden stakes mark the path between small islands in a gulf of the Baltic. A sanctuary for birds especially in the spring and the nesting seasons. There were not that many birds yet, as they are but starting to migrate back to Finland, but nonetheless a great way to spend the day enjoying the light of the sun and the fresh air.

cabin in the island

A cabin in one of the smaller islands. Somehow a bit romantic in a very rustic fashion, don’t you think? All photos taken with a 400mm lens, which was on my Nikon as I was hoping to catch a bit of birding action.

Fare thee well, Tallinn!

This is the third and final post on Tallinn.

As you can see from the earlier photos, there is a lot to see and do in the thriving capital of Estonia. Summer or Christmas time are maybe the best times to visit but whenever you go, there is always plenty to do.

City square

The town square in the old city. There are many churches in the city, some very beautiful to look at.


Beautiful small details on a street store. Lovely color as well.


The rain, a constant companion on this trip.


Old well on the street. I can almost smell the history of a place looking at such details.

Window flaps


No trip would not be complete without enjoying some of the finer things in life.


Excellent cake, a great treat for a pause from roaming the streets.


Range Rover

Again with the contrast of old buildings in bad condition and a brand new Range Rover. Lovely car, would be great in Finnish winter or in the Sahara..

Punk is not Dead

Punk is not dead!

City walls

Citywalls still stand.

I highly recommend anyone visiting Europe to visit Tallinn. Also a fun thing to do would be to visit Helsinki and Tallinn both. For the budget minded Tallinn is the better bet though..

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Streets of Tallinn

Continuing on the first post on Tallinn.  Sorry for the very slow updating, work has been totally immersive and the last thing on my mind after a workday has been to sit on the computer and type.

This post is mainly photos of Tallinn, street shooting so to speak. As cities go, Tallinn is, very friendly place to photograph and there are excellent backdrops for a nice background. Ultimately these photos may not be the best I have taken, but I like the mood an feel they can convey a little bit of the spirit of the city.

As is evident from these photos the weather was damp to say it nicely. But this of course can have its positive sides as well with reflections etc. Just a matter of spotting the positives I guess.

Small side streets for pedestrians in the old city.

in the rain

The old city is mainly cobblestone so good shoes are a must.


Great hat!

Hand in hand

To hold the hand of ones lover makes even the worst weather a bliss.


A bank, and in front a Mercedes S65 AMG.. Somehow goes to show how the bankers get rich while the rest of us well.. Don’t..



Students mingling on the streets in the afternoon.


Reflections. This scene immediately caught my eye. Lovely reflection and just a bit of waiting to get the people aligned in the right place.

All photos taken with old but trusty digital dinosaurs by Nikon.

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Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and alongside Stockholm one of the most popular travel destinations for us Finns. It is popular to visit Tallinn either on day trips or on cruises. A good way to enjoy a bit of time outside of the homeland. Finns and Estonians are related and in many ways the countries are quite similar, even the languages are quite close, even though there are apparent differences in the languages as well.

Viru Hotel

One of the landmarks of Tallinn is the Viru hotel. It was build in the Soviet times but has since been completely renovated. Alongside a couple of newer high rises the Viru hotel is one those building you can use to calibrate your inner GPS to where you currently are in the city. Our hotel was located close by so it was even more convenient to navigate via the Viru hotel.

Tallinn city centre

The modern business district has big malls and high rise buildings, the sort of cityscape you can see in major cities across the world. It used to be very cheap to buy clothes etc. in Tallinn, but the prices are rising evermore and nowadays, compared to say Helsinki, only food and drinks are noticeably cheaper.


Marketplaces are the ones were you may find good bargains on clothes, however the closer you are to the tourist attractions the more you are likely to pay.


Lot of handmade, local clothes and apparel were to be found in this “turg” ie marketplace.

Flower shops close to the entrance to the old city.


And more business done along the sidewalks.


Autumn was at the point where the few last leaves were yet in the trees, and the yellow and green giving way to darker colors.

old city

The old city is lovely and cosy, lot of small shops and cafés to be found.

tourist attraction

Some of the shops and restaurants take full advantage of the heritage of the old city.

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Häme Castle

There are a few medieval castles in Finland. One of the newer ones and in excellent condition is the Häme castle, which is located in the city of Hämeenlinna (=Häme castle in Finnish). The city grew around the stronghold more or less so the name being the same is not an accident.


Hämeenlinna is located about 1.5h away from Helsinki so it is easy to visit. There is a museum there as well and also the possibility to roam about and enjoy the lovely views.


Like all proper buildings of stature the proportions are immense. You feel small beside the building.


Nordic castles differ from the type of castles depicted in Hollywood movies due to the fact that there is and has always been this thing called winter here. It has always been essential that the castle have a proper roof on it as well as it being defendable in the winter and maybe a bit of warmth as well inside the building. Think the fortresses on the Wall in The Game of Thrones.. Oh well, we are colder than that 😉


Cobbled pathways, nasty on the foots, especially for the ladies in heels. But on the other hand they used to have a little different boots and shoes back in the day.


Nice moat! It is easy to imagine how difficult a place like this would have been to attack with the defenders shooting and throwing things at you.


The sun slowly fading and twilight taking over. As you can see the leaves are falling.


Lakes are a natural part of Finland as well, this one is actually a system of lakes so it was one of the reasons for the location of the lakes, a strategic position.

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