Going backwards

ravintolapäivä 180813

Sometimes it seems that one is going backwards even though you really try to advance. Life is odd at times. Artistically world seems to be right-handed. It is always said that moving towards the right/looking towards the right in a photo /painting is looking toward the future and of course vice versa when looking to the left. For a leftie that is not so simple.


The coldest day of winter


Today the temperatures dropped to under -20 celsius practically everywhere in Finland. As is the nature of colder days the skies were clear and so the sun shone in its very low zenith for a couple hours.

Excellent weather to be outside properly dressed. The sea is also frozen up so there was a lot of traffic on the ice as well.


More pictures coming, need to go amd sleep now..


As it is raining now here in Helsinki it is fun to remember the beautiful weather from the weekend and a pleasant stroll which ended close to sundown at the Linnanmäki amusement park.

Sää helli Helsinkiläisiä viikonloppuna, mutta nyt taasen vettä tulee ja ilma on synkkä. Tällaisella säällä on kiva muistella viikonloppua ja rauhallista kävelyä pitkin kaupunkia. Linnanmäellä auringonlaskun aikaan oli hienoa olla.

Amusement park by Jere Ketola (JKetola) on 500px.com