This sight in the forest saddened me so much. Even though Finland is a welfare state in the Scandinavian style, it is possible to fall through the safety-net provided by the system. Usually due to problems with alcohol, drugs etc. This is in fact someones shelter for the nights. In a country where the winters can be very cold and harsh you can imagine how difficult it must be.

Last days of Winter

Winter had left Helsinki already a few weeks ago and then suddenly boom and we were in for a new cold spell with almost 20cm of snow in a night of heavy snowfall. As this winter was not partially photogenic with the lack of snow in January and February as well as the beginning of March. Usually the best time to get great winter shots is towards the spring when the sun spends more and more time up in the sky.


Waking up to sunshine and a view like this inspired me to go outside for a few hours and enjoy the weather. Very relaxing. Shutter therapy is what Robin Wong calls it and that pretty much sums it up for me as well. Time to enjoy the beautiful nature and clear air alone or with someone in the same frame of mind.


Functional architecture ie. a bit boxy buildings. Quite common in Finland.


I for some reason liked the snow hanging on top of a metal net.


Birch forests are quite common in Southern Finland.


Boats awaiting for the ice to melt.


A spot of clear air as before it was slightly snowing and the visibility was less than optimal.
This is a swimming beach in the summer, not too long now..


Walking along the beach, the sun was shining and then it started to snow.. Not exactly Baywatch weather, eh?


A bird watcher with whom I had a nice little chat after taking this photo. You can see the snowfall was quite heavy at this point.


With the temperature hovering over zero the the snow was actually already melting as it met the ground. Still a great walk.
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Swans on ice

We have had a sudden setback for spring and snow did a return. Today the weather was absolutely beautiful with fresh snowfall and sunshine and the temperature hovering between +1 and -1 Celsius.  A lovely day for sure.

Photograph Swans on ice by Jere Ketola on 500pxWhooper swans are already re-migrating back home for a new season of family building in the lakes and ponds of Finland.



Spring draws closer

The winter seems to have lost its strength already, even though it is but the beginning of March. Today the temperatures in Helsinki hovered near +10 Celsius, which is rather high for the time of the year. There is of course a high potential for a bit of winter making a come-back even as late as May however now the snow has melted and ice is going away at a quickening pace as well.


Helsinki is for such a large city nice nature wise. We have even nature reserves inside the city.. As well as a UNESCO fortress amongst other things.

nature reserve

The wooden stakes mark the path between small islands in a gulf of the Baltic. A sanctuary for birds especially in the spring and the nesting seasons. There were not that many birds yet, as they are but starting to migrate back to Finland, but nonetheless a great way to spend the day enjoying the light of the sun and the fresh air.

cabin in the island

A cabin in one of the smaller islands. Somehow a bit romantic in a very rustic fashion, don’t you think? All photos taken with a 400mm lens, which was on my Nikon as I was hoping to catch a bit of birding action.