Shadows of men

Shadows by Jere Ketola on

The darkest part of the year is over and now it is getting brighter everyday. With some gorgeous light in the day time. Photo taken in Ullanlinna district, Helsinki.


Today we are enjoying a nice mini blizzard so it looks like winter after being a month late, arrived with a vengeance.




Fleamarket day in Herttoniemi

Let me start this post with saying this. We Finns are ODD.. Compared to say most other European countries, we are quite shy, and unsocial even. And then we have days like Restaurant Day of like today, flea-market day. Suddenly everybodys talking with strangers, making sales, generally enjoying a very good time. Its like every chance people get, they make up for the weirdness and unsocial behaviour for the rest of the year. Well I jest, but there is a seed of truth in this.

herttoniemi fleamarketday
Anyway, one of Helsinki citys nice boroughs had their yearly traditional flea-market day today. Estimated amount of people buying and selling old stuff was in the region of 10 000. Arriviving a couple of hours late was a good way to avoid the worst congestion. The weather was stupendously nice as well with the temperature hovering close to +20 C. Even the leaves are finally growing in the trees so there was a really good summerly feeling.

herttoniemi fleamarketday

A couple of quick snaps to show some of the feeling in the streets. I was not focusing too much on the photography today, more just enjoying the company and the warm day as well as the happy people. A beautiful day.

herttoniemi fleamarketday

herttoniemi fleamarketday

herttoniemi fleamarketday

herttoniemi fleamarketday

herttoniemi fleamarketday

herttoniemi fleamarketday

The Siilitie Metrostation is a new structure with a bit of functional architecture as well.

Restaurantday, final part

Continuing from the previous post on the Restaurantday, a bit more photos from that day.


Moving on from Esplanadi to Aleksanterinkatu there were a few stalls selling food here as well. Peasoup in one of them..


Towards Kamppi there were more restaurants. Foods ranging from Taiwanese and thai to pancakes and cupcakes as well as chocolate chip cookies. The weather was starting to get even more miserable with the fog changing towards foggy rain.

narikka 9

Different styles, different approaches to selling food. Excellent hot chocolate from the guys in the lower photo.


This was a stall selling Asian vegetarian food.


A bit of Kebab for you,sir? These guys seemed to be having a blast.


The last place to visit as the weather was getting more and more miserable.

narikka pannari

Excellent pancakes! Made on the spot on a gas stove. The fillings tasted good! There was even cloudberry in the one I chose. Great job!