linesSometimes it is just wonderful to photograph the more abstract things in life. For example this photo from the weekend. Quite abstract, more along the thinking of lines and triangles.  There are so many lines and repeating patterns.. Sometimes I feel like our lives are like that as well?

Hopefully I will be posting more along the lines of food soon as well. And more than that I hope to be able to write a bit more as well, seems I have more or less been posting photos, but not so much the thoughts that have gone into them. This, mostly due to life being rather hectic at the moment. So much to do at work and also not enough free time.




Small but important


I got my first small Victorinox tool when I was a small kid. It has served me well over the years and it still does its job. However I saw a bargain so I bought a new bit bigger version. Hopefully this will serve me as well for the next couple decades..

The old ones has seen jungles, winters harsh, Nordic summers, Balkan winters and as small as it is, it just is one of those things that are so useful that it always accompanies me on trips.

Food and life pictures


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