A very quick review – Gone Girl

I rarely post about movies, not so much because I don’t watch them. More because I rarely am moved enough by a movie to comment about it. There are rare exceptions to the rule. Movies that move the emotions in different ways or that are exceptionally good in their own genre.

One of these movies is called Gone Girl. It is in cinemas currently (at least over here in Finland).  Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are the lead actors and the movie is directed by David Fincher. The script is based on the novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn who has also done the screenplay. David Fincher has before directed such great movies as Fight Club, The Curious case of Benjamin Button and Seven.

So the ingredients are there, a great novel to base the script upon, excellent actors, a great director. So how does it all work?

In my opinion this is probably THE thriller of the year. The only movie that has left me haunted for a time after the movie ended. Even the next day after seeing it my thoughts would drift back to the movie. Stunning acting by both Affleck and Pike and the plot twists and turns so that you know how it all ends only at the very, very end.  ( At least if you have not read the novel beforehand.) The cinematography is really good as well in carrying the feel of what is happening on the screen very well.

So as not to give away anything if you are planning to go see the movie here is a bit about the movie: The plot takes place in a small town somewhere in Missouri, where the husband one day comes home to find that his wife is missing. The story starts to unfold with a lot of passion and of course suspicions flying all around. Suddenly the beautiful suburban life starting to show more and more cracks.

Underneath you can see the official trailer.

I highly recommend the movie, albeit with a caveat. It has some pretty intense scenes so the R rating in US (K-16 in Finland) is really necessary. Not a movie for the faint hearted.

Chasing mist

A dreary bleak morning one would think. A beautiful mist, another would think.. I fall straight into that second category. I went out to chase the mist and try and capture some of the beauty of the nature.

I find that nature is so, so beautiful in the fall as the colors have so many hues. Then there is the fact that fogs occur more often than in the summer and together these two elements provide a nice “canvas” to work with.

The village

The old medieval church and the small village beside it were nicely covered in the fog. The power of the sun though is still strong enough to melt the mist quickly so I was fighting against time, trying to get to a good vantage point to photograph it best.

Photograph Chasing mist by Jere Ketola on 500px
Pretty dont you think? The field had given a good harvest and now only awaits the spring.


Coming back after the mist had gone I was captivated by these berries. A very good sign there will be nice opportunities to photograph birds in the coming weeks as there is a lot of food for them.

More tk

Cool place, cool music video by Haloo Helsinki!

Just wanted to share a cool music video by a Finnish band that I like. The video was shot at a spectacular place in Bulgaria, which is the old communist party HQ or something. Love the architecture in this case, albeit I usually dislike/hate the communist architecture which was very err. plain. Not to mention hating the idealogy and the fact that the communist era destroyed a couple of generations lifes in many countries in Europe.

Anyway, enjoy the music video, I think the understanding of the words is not needed to enjoy it. :) For now the place is a great thing to consider visiting if one goes to Bulgaria. UFO etc. More on this place can also be read at an excellent travel blog by Yomadic here. His travel blog is excellent so you will do well to visit and check out his other posts as well.

Food and life pictures


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